Me and my Alberico OMThanks for visiting my site. I play celtic music on the guitar.  I enjoy taking tunes I hear on the traditional instruments and adapting them for the guitar. A large part of the time I use what is called the Orkney tuning, CGDGCD, but also play some DADGAD, Standard, and Drop D.

I am based out of Portland, Oregon and play at many of the irish sessions around town, as well as in a few groups. I also teach lessons as well as a bit of writing for online and print publications.

I released my first cd, Noone Lasses, in the spring of 2010. It is a collection of celtic tunes arranged for solo guitar and includes music from Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Acoustic Guitar Magazine contributing editor Doug Young did the engineering and celtic guitarist Steve Baughman was the producer.

You can reach me at antonemery@gmail.com

“Anton Emery’s debut CD “Noone Lasses” has all the qualities of that rare album that one finds it an obscure record shop that instantly becomes and remains a lifetime favorite!” – Minor 7th Acoustic Music Reviews

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