Father Kelly’s Part II


Hi Folks,

So here is part two of this Father Kelly’s arrangement.  The first version was pretty basic, I just laid the melody out on the strings and added in some bass notes when i could.  This second version improves on things a bit.  Lets take a look at the changes..

1.  Measures 1 and 5.  I have changed the way i play the opening bar a bit.  Now instead of playing consecutive notes on the same string i have arranged them across the strings, i think it lets things flow a bit more, and i dont have to pluck every note.  The A notes are now played at the 4th string, 7th fret, and they are hammered on.  Check out the Tab and notation, i have tried to indicate it as best i can.  Basically i pluck the B on the 3rd string and open 5th string with a pinch, then hammer on the 4th string seventh fret to sound the A note, then plug the the open 3rd string for the G note.  Below is an audio example.

Opening Measure Audio Example

2.  Measures 7, 9, 10, 13, 14.  I changed this phrase to play it across the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd strings.  Again, i think it smooths things out a bit. Note the final note in measure 10 is played open, which allows us to shift up the neck for measure 11. 

3.  Measures 11 and 12.  In the pervious version these two bars were played entirely on the 1st string.  Not a bad way, but i like this new way better.  Again, i just the play the passage harp style across the strings, using the open 1st string in a few places.  Don’t forget the quarter bar across the 1st and 2nd string at the seventh fret, i hope i indicated it correctly there. 

4.  Be sure to pay attention to the fingering in the transition from measure 10 to 11.  I finger that last B note in measure 10 with my third finger, pluck the open 1st string, then keeping my third finger on lightly contacted on the third string, i slide it up to the 9th fret.  Using that third string as a guide really helps you transition fast. 

Father Kelly’s Notation/TAB

Father Kelly’s MP3

I think thats about all the major changes i did for this version.  As you can see, alot of what i do involves playing the melody across different strings at different positions on the neck.  I like the warmer tone you get further up the neck on the thicker strings. 

Check it out and let me know what you think.  I’d love to hear. 



Anton Emery

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