Final Version of Father Kellys

All right, so here is the full version of Father Kellys.  Sorry this took so long, i meant to do it in three consecutive weeks so folks could have stuff to build upon, but the regular responsibilities of life kept getting in the way. 

I think this version is pretty straight forward.  I have added in a few grace, triplets, which are represented by two sixteenth notes and an eighth note, and some different bass notes in a few places.  There are few spots where i hammer on a note from an open string, and to notate this i placed an “h” next the note.  Does anyone know of a better way to represent this?  There is a middle finger thwack in one spot, and its show by a downward pointing arrow.  Experiment with adding more in wherever you think they might sound good.

I hope you enjoy the tune, and please let me know if you find any mistakes or there are parts you don’t understand.

Father Kellys PDF

Father Kellys Recording

The audio example should be pretty close to how its notated.  I recorded this in Doug’s studio a while back.  The second tune in the set is the Road to Ballymac.




Anton Emery

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