Guitar Arrangement – The Drunken Gauger

Here is a fun tune i got off Grey Larsen and Paddy League’s cd, The Dark of the Moon.  Apparently the guager was someone who would go around with a short measuring stick and make sure folks were getting a full pint of beer when they were being served in pubs.  I can see how that line of work might eventually lead drunkedness.

Not a whole lot to say about this tune, its in G in the Orkney tuning.  There are some nice melodic passages that go from up the neck back down to the lower frets, measures three and four come to mind.  I pick pretty much every note except on the parts where slures are notated.  I find jig rhythm is easier on fingerstyle guitar, at least when it comes to getting the right lilt and not sounding to staccatto. 

Drunken Gauger – Notation

Drunken Gauger – Audio

The audio should follow closely to the notated version, though there may a measure or two that are a tad different.  Hope you enjoy it.


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