John Doyle videos on Youtube

John Doyle is one of my favorite celtic guitar players.  During some recent youtube surfing i came across a great series of videos of him doing a solo gig in North Carolina.  Its a side of John Doyle’s playing i dont get to see much.  I really love his high energy backup and flatpicking, but i like his singing and fingerstyle accompaniment just as much.  On his albums when he is singing there are usually some additional  instruments, which sometimes makes it bit hard to hear what he is doing.  Being able to watch just him and his guitar on these clips is a good learning experience.  I want to figure out the fingerstyle stuff he is doing underneath his singing.  Its not travis picking, but it has a nice steady bass and rhythm.  According to some comments i read elsewhere a common tuning he uses is CFCGCD.  From watching his fingers it appears thats what he is using in Clip 2, where he is playing Little Sadie.  I will have to try it when i get home.

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