Mastered CD proof is in my hands

So i got the mastered proof of my cd a few days ago and have been listening to it alot, at home and in the car.  It sounds great, my overall initial inmpression is its louder, smoother, and just more professional sounding.  I am sure Cass did alot of subtle things i can’t hear.  I still need to give it a few more concentrated listens, as in sitting in the dark headphones on zero distractions listening. 

Someone asked what tracks were going to be on the cd, so here it is:

1. Noone Lasses/McArthurs Road  Reels
2. Childs Grove
3. Inion Ni Scannlain  Jig
4. O’Carolan’s Receipt
5. Cloonagroe Reel
6. Ship Full of Sail/Trip to Sligo/Christy Barry’s #2  Jigs
7. Killearny Boys of Pleasure
8. Welsh Pipe Tunes
9. Father John of Barra/Sprig of Ivey
10. Father Kellys/Road to Ballymac  Reels
11. Flying to Fleadh  Slip Jig
12. Tribute to Peador O’Donnell

I still have to finish up the artwork and some other processes before i can ship it off to the manufacturer.  I was hoping it would be done in time for Xmas, but i am not sure now, as i am pretty busy during the holidays.  Chances are it will be done not long after New Years. 


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