Next Studio Trip

Hi Folks,

So it looks like i am scheduled to go back into Doug Young’s studio at the end of Sept.  We’ll be finishing up the rest of the tracks for my cd, and might shoot some higher quality video for Youtube.  I am looking forward to be working with him and Steve again. 

At this point it looks like we will be mixing at Doug’s, and i am going to be using Cass Anawaty at Sunbreak Music for mastering.  He is located here in Portland, so it will be nice to be using someone local for that part of the project.  Makes it easier to go in and talk about what kind of final sound i am looking for.  Cass has studied guitar with Alex De Grassi, and mastered Larry Pattis’s latest cd, among many other bigger projects.  I am glad to be working with someone who knows the solo acoustic guitar genre. 

I am tentively titling my cd New Traditions.  Hopefully it will be done before the end of the year.

Sorry no blog posts for the past two weeks.  I have one more version of Father Kelly’s i need to post, and i have been working on notating a nice arrangement of Princess Royal that i think folks will like.


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