O’Carolan’s Receipt for guitar

Well, i wanted to try and post something once a week, but it may end up being more than that.  Notating these full arrangements takes a while sometimes.

So here is a full arrangement of the tune O’Carolans’s Receipt.   I arranged it a few years back.  Its in G and i think it contains a few nice Orkney-isms, including some harp style runs and alternating open strings with notes up the neck.

I’ve notated it as playing the A part twice, and the B part twice.  That is once through the piece, and i usually play it twice.

I’m still getting a handle on this notation software.  Future arrangements should be better, i need to figure out how to specify certain left hand fingerings.

In the audio recording i repeat the whole piece more than once, but its close enough that you should be able to get the idea from it and the notation.

O’Carolans Receipt Notation

O’Carolans Receipt Audio




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  1. Totally sorry about that, I updated the link. I had forgotten a bunch of files got deleted from my server space, i had not replaced alot of them.

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