Off to the recording studio soon

I am sitting here listening to Martin Simpson play clawhammer ukulele on his Righteousness & Humidity album.  Its great, makes me want to get a uke and play clawhammer on it.  Though maybe i should get a banjo instead….

So i am off in two weeks to start recording my solo cd.  Its something i have wanted to do for a few years, but time, money, general laziness, or lack of confidence in my music has always made me put it off.  But now i think its finally time to do it, i have a good collection of tunes arranged, and i think it would be a nice addition to the small world of celtic fingerstyle guitar. 

I will be recording at Doug Young’s studio in the Bay Area of California.  I met Doug several years ago at the Swannanoa Gathering Guitar Week and usually see him about once a year or so.  Doug has a very nice studio in his garage, with top flight gear and a comfortable atmosphere.  He is as knowledgable as it gets when it comes to fingerstyle guitar.  It will be nice to have someone else running the technical side of things, so i only have to worry about playing my instrument. 

In the producers seat will be Steve Baughman.  I first met Steve at Guitar Week as well, several years back.  I was lucky enough to be able to see him every year when i went back, as well occasionally catching him on tour with Robin Bullock.  Steve has been very generous over the years, taking time to sit down with me and discuss my arrangements and other aspects of playing.  Between him and Doug i can’t ask for better guys to be in the studio with. 

For this cd i did a rough recording at home of all the tunes that i want.  Some of them i have played quite a few years, others are pretty new.  I think its a good mix of dance tunes, slower stuff, and some rather obscure things hopefully folks have not heard yet.  On this first trip to the studio i have chosen seven to eight tunes to record over a three day weekend. 

Practicing has been alot of slower playing with the metronome, as well work in specific sections to help iron out the rough parts.  At times it has been kind of boring, as i have played alot of these pieces for years, and am now limiting my practice to only working on them.  Usually in my practice i will spread it around working on a few different things.  But i think it will pay off when i get into the studio, and hopefully the recording should be a smooth process.

 I’ll post some pictures of the recording session afterwards. 

I am racking my brain trying to think of a good title for the album.  Maybe i will just the easy way out and self title it.



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  1. Hi Anton!

    First of all, good luck with the recording process. It sounds like you’re well-prepared, and are in good hands with Doug and Steve. I just stumbled on this blog, though I’ve seen your name from different celtic guitar forums over the years.

    I’m a fellow fingerstyle guitarist, of the celtic and old-time persuasion. Like you, I’ve gotten advice and encouragement from Steve over the years, though in my case it’s mainly been through his teaching materials and e-mails.

    Best of luck, and let all of your readers know how it goes!


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