Orkney Chords and Scales

Next up we have some simple scales annd chords in the Orkney tuning (CGDGCD)  No capo for these.  I have laid out some scales in the keys of G, C, and D.  I tried to include a few different version of each scale.  Some are linear, utilizing consecutive notes on the same string.  Others incorporate harp style technique, playing consecutive notes on different strings.  This helps the melody to flow, very important when arranging certain celtic tunes, like O’Carolan pieces.  The key of D with no capo can be a little awkward, as the open 2nd string is a C natural.  If I was going to play exclusively in D i would just capo at II and play out of the C position.  But I have included some open position D scales here for those that are interested.

The chords are similar to the ones in my celtic backup post, except since there is not capo they are one step lower.

Orkney Scales

Orkney Chords

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