Steve Baughman – Celtic Guitar Solos DVD

After meaning to for a long time, i finally picked up a copy of Steve Baughman’s Celtic Guitar Solos DVD, on Solid Air Records.


I usually dont buy a ton of guitar instructional DVD’s.  I am more into arranging my own Celtic tunes these days.  But i love Steve’s playing, and figured maybe i would steal a few techniques even if i dont learn all the arrangements note for note. 

I have not had a chance to get through the entire DVD yet, but what i have picked up so far has been worth the price i paid.  In the beginning he teaches a Breton riff and right hand pattern that makes it much easier and natural to play certain celtic tunes.  I took this technique and literally rearranged the way i play one of my Breton tunes.  It was quite exciting. 

He also goes over the palm slap and middle finger thwack.  These are great techniques that add alot of life into celtic tunes, but can be hard to learn unless you can watch someone do them in person, or in this case, on DVD. 

Multiple camera angles, included TAB on the DVD, and the ability to play just lessons or performances are some other neat features on the disc.  Highly reccomended.



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