Suggest a tune, and i need a title for my CD…

Hey Everyone,

So the past few tunes i have notated have been selections from my own repotiore, stuff i have arranged and played for a few years.  Its pretty satisfying seeing my music come out in notation, but since i would eventualy like to sell a book to go along with my cd i can’t notate everything i have for free.  So i am taking suggestions for tunes that you all would like to see arranged.  I am open to anything from the celtic music world, and if you can point me towards an audio example that is even better.  I prefer the Orkney tuning, but you all want to see something in DADGAD or Standard i can do that too, though i can’t guarantee it will be any good.  Just reply in the comments section and i will pick a tune. 

Also i am still up in the air as to a title for my CD.  Perhaps i will go the easy self titled route.  If anyone has suggestions, i am open to hearing them.



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  1. Hi Anton,

    Great blog! I love playing in orkney for celtic tunes, but use dadgad for pretty much anything else I play – including some celtic stuff.

    How about an old chestnut, that I haven’t seen arranged THAT much – Carolan’s Concerto. Alec Stone Sweet does a great version in dadgad on "Memory and Praise". I think John Renbourn did a version in open G a long time ago. Should work pretty well in orkney, either in C or G.


  2. After thinking about my suggestion, Carolan’s Concerto, I realized that that might be a pretty ambitious undertaking, because it’s a pretty notey tune. How about Kerfunken jig, from Martin Hayes/Dennis Cahill’s "Lonesome Touch"? I did a fairly simple arrangement in dadgad, and I’m sure it would work great in orkney!

    Take care,

  3. As I mentioned in a previous e-mail, since most all of your selections will be Celtic, and if you don’t just want to use your own name as the album title, I’d suggest "Celtic Treasure."

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