Tracks Finished

Well i am back from the studio, got the last four tracks for my cd recorded.  Yay!  Next Doug is going to mix then, and mastering will take place up here in Portland.  I am happy with the basic recordings, and am looking forward to the final product. 

Since i have been playing those same tunes for a while i am going take a break and change up my practice routine a bit.  I would like to be a better flatpicker, so i am working on some simple bluegrass and gypsy jazz stuff in standard tuning, to improve my improvising and chord vocabularly.  I would also like to polish up my fingerstyle technique a bit, and am going to revisit some basic classical guitar studies for that.  i think this will be refreshing and give my mind and fingers something different to do.


Ill still be playing celtic music, i just find myself bored at times and not inspired to play, and i think practicing some different things will fix that.


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