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Hi Everyone,

Been working on recording a few videos to put up on Youtube and Vimeo.  I prefer Vimeo because the quality is better, but youtube is more popular.  I will just probably just end up throwing my videos on both.  I have just been recording using my Macbook as the camera and my Zoom H4 to capture the audio, all into iMovie 09.  Its pretty easy to use.  I am happy with the audio/video quality when i export the project to a .mov file, but when i upload to Youtube or Vimeo the audio always ends up degraded.  Maybe someone who knows more than me can chime in.  I hear some pretty good audio quality on youtube and vimeo, perhaps its because those folks have a better setup than me.  But if i am happy with the quality of the rendered .mov file, i just to find a way to preserve that as it gets put online.  Will have to do some research. 

So here is a video i recorded last night, the traditional reel called Father Kellys.  Its pretty standard on the irish session scene.  Its one of the two ways i arrange reels, this one being simpler.  I more or less try to play the melody in such a way that i can use hammer ons and pull offs, combined with melodic playing up the neck, to make it flow.  I then fit in bass notes where i can.

Celtic Guitar – Father Kellys from Anton Emery on Vimeo.

I hope you enjoy it, and let me know what you all think.  I want to post some more videos in the future, its fun making them.



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  1. Bravo on your playing of "Father Kellys." I caught the "thwack" several times. Very smooth transitions into playing up the neck and back down. Include it on the new CD.

  2. Hey Dan. Thanks alot, glad you like it. Yea, its slated to be on the new cd. I need to record it next time i am in the studio.

  3. Hello!
    I like your blog very much…
    Your guitar arrangements are awesome
    Your flute also has a beautiful sound. What kind of irish flute are you plaing?


  4. Hi Richard,

    Thanks, glad you enjoy the music. Its been fun putting up on content on the blog, i am glad folks are getting something out of it.

    My flute is made by Jon Cochran. He is a part time maker that lives in Los Angles, so the flute was a good bit cheaper than alot of the full time makers. Its pitched in D, has six holes, and it made of blackwood. its a great flute and i really enjoy playing it. Eventually i might like an instrument with some keys, but for now this one is fine.

    I dont think he has a website, but sometimes his instruments show up at the http://www.irishflutestore.com In addition they might be able to tell you how to get in touch with him. I also know he hangs around the flute forum at http://www.chiffandfipple.com, so you could leave a message for him there as well.

    thanks alot,


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