A nice gig today

Casey on zouk, me on flute

I had a nice gig today with my buddy Casey Dyer at the Willamette Lock Festival.  There is a river lock in West Linn just south of Portland, and every year they have a festival to raise money and keep it running.  We had an hour set in the afternoon, playing a variety of tunes on flute, guitar, whistle, bouzouki, and mandolin. The weather was great, and they were bringing some boats through the lock, which is pretty cool to see.  In addition I had the greatest piece of marion berry pie along with a generous helping of vanilla ice cream. Not a bad afternoon. 

I am really enjoying playing with Casey.  We do a variety of things, fast tunes on flute and whistle, flute with bouzouki accompaniment, mandolin with guitar backup, as well as some fingerstyle guitar arrangements along with mandolin.  Its nice having different options with the instrumentation, and lets us vary the sound.  We have a few more gigs lined up, and are fine tuning and expanding our material.  I am looking forward to playing more.


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