Lord Mayo – Clawhammer Guitar

So I finally got around to recording that version of Lord Mayo for clawhammer guitar mentioned a while back.  Sorry for the delay.  I had to order a Third Hand Capo to make it work.  The Third Hand Capo is pretty cool, it lets you capo only individual strings while leaving others open.

In my case i wanted to tune the guitar gGDGCD, with the sixth string one octave above the fifth.  So i took off the low sixth string, and replaced it with a .16 guage second string.  I tuned that to B, then put the Third Hand up on the 8th fret, bringing that string to G. That put the capo out of my way, since this arrangement doesnt go that high.  Since i only needed to capo that one outer string i removed the other rubber washers, as even in the up position the open strings would sometimes buzz against them. 

So essentially i tuned my guitar to the mountain minor banjo tuning, which is gDGCD, and stuck an extra string an octave lower after the 1st string.  This is nice because i can essentially play banjo tunes, and sometimes hit that 5th string and let it ring for contrast.  Another way to accomplish this tuning would be to put some railroad spikes in a second guitar.  I know Steve Baughman does this, but i dont really want to put them on my main nice guitar.  Perhaps later on i will devote a second guitar to it. 

Anyways, so here it is.  Its just a simple recording i made at home, so pardon the few mistakes. 

Lord Mayo – Audio

Let me know what you think.


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  1. hey man — cool sounds — keep it up and I can’t wait to ehar your new CD!! The artwork looks GREAT! Also — did you try an 11 gauge string tuned to high G to avoid the 3rd and capo?

  2. Anton – sounds wonderful! You have a really nice feel for the clawhammer groove. If you have a second guitar, you should keep it strung up "high 6" for clawhammer. And if you play out, it makes a nice contrast to the celtic fingerstyle approach.

    Looking forward to your CD!


  3. Thanks guys, glad you like it. I did try a lighter string tuned to G, but it broke after about 10 minutes of playing. I may dedicate a second guitar to this, and put a railroad spike in it. Or i could just get a Banjola, which would be fun.

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