My CD is off to the manufacturer

Just a quick note that my cd is off to the manufacturer, Copycats Media.  I went with them on the reccomendation of Little Brother over on the Acoustic Player Magazine Forum.  He recently came out with a cd and used them for manufacturing.  I picked up a copy of the album, and the print quality and packaging looked good, plus Copycat quoted me a good price for a run of 500 real cd’s.  Most places the price break comes at a 1000 units, so orders below that are to expensive, or you can get them as CD-R’s, essentially the same as a burned cd from your computer.  I want this album to be a legit manufactured CD, not a burned cd, so i am glad i found Copycat.  Worth checking out if you are looking to manufacture some cd’s.  

Check back here to see when its for sale, i imagine that will be a few weeks.  My plan is to sell physical CD’s and downloads through CD Baby, as well as downloads through iTunes.


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