New Arrangement : The Irish Sea

I have a new Celtic Guitar Masterclass column up at Guitarbench.com  This one is a beginning celtic fingerstyleg guitar piece called the Irish Sea.  Its a simple arrangement in the Orkney tuning that will get folks started, and I hope will provide some ideas for some of their own arrangements.

I hope you enjoy it, let me know if there are any questions.


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  1. Hi Anton – great blog you have here. I tried your transcript of the Irish Sea and really like it. I am trying to work out a version of the Butterfly Jig in the same tuning, that could be added as part of a medley with the Irish Sea. Have you ever tried the Butterfly in this tuning (or any other)? Some of the fingering appears a bit difficult for the higher notes. I'm inspired by Kim Robertson's rendition of the Butterfly that she did on her harp CD Windsongs (also on other compilations, like the Harvest Moon cd). I like the way she walks the bass notes down on some passages.




  2. Thanks Keith. I have not tried the Butterfly in Orkney tuning. I think it might work is you transposed it to G minor. Another option might be to try it in DADGAD. I know Tom Long has a great version in that tuning.

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