Some odds n ends.

Eion Dolan, a writer for SixtySeven Music, just post a very nice review of my cd.  You can check it out here.  Thanks for the kind words Eion!

There is also a little interview with me over at the SixtySeven music broadcast.  I went down to their studio on Saturday and talked a bit about my music, recording my cd, and what I think about when arranging these tunes. Here is a direct link to the mp3.

Teja Gerken, a Senior Editor for Acoustic Guitar Magazine, runs a radio show called Guitar Journeys down in San Francisco.  He was kind enough to play one of the tracks from my cd on his latest show.  Its archived online here. Thanks Teja!

Radio Guitar is a new podcast based down in California.  They recently added a few tracks from my cd to their playlist.  If you like acoustic guitar based music be sure to check it out.






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  1. Thanks again, Anton, for being a guest on our Broadcast! Look forward to seeing you perform in the future, best of luck to you!

  2. No problem Steve, it was my pleasure. Looking forward to working with you guys some more.

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