Tune of the Week: Reels on flute

So this tune of the week thing may end up being posted every two weeks or so.  With my guitar students, work, and other obligations its tough to crank out something every week.  Part of it is I live in an apartment, so alot of times I cant record due to outside noise, folks upstairs, etc.  Plus I can be probably to much of a perfectionist at times.  It took me a while to get this recording satisfactory.

So that being said here is the next tune, two reels that I play on flute with some rhythm guitar overdubbed. 


Reels: Swinging on the Gate/John Henry’s Favorite by AntonEmery

These are pretty standard tunes that you would hear at a session here in Portland.  I learned them from the wonderful playing of John Creaven.  My guitar is tuned CGDGCD, like normal, and I have a capo at the second fret. 

I recorded this using my Presonus Firestudio Mobile, Logic on the Mac, and a single mic from Naiant.  Its a past model he no longer makes. I have two of them, but I cannot find the mic clip for one

Hope you enjoy it.


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