Two tunes on the 67 Music podcast

Hi Folks,

First off I’d like to thank all the folks that have bought a cd from me in person or on CD Baby.  Thanks, the support means alot!

You can hear two tracks off my cd, “Noone Lasses/MacArthur’s Road” and “Cloonagroe Reel” on the latest SixtySeven Music Podcast.  Thanks guys for including my music on your show. 

And thanks alot to John for buying me that wonderful shot of Lagavulin at the Moon and Sixpence the other night. I have been getting into trying more Scotch’s lately, and this one definitely ranks at the top of my list so far.  I went out to buy a bottle the next day, but its a bit expensive for me at the moment.  So i picked up some Laphroag 10 year, which is still quite nice. I think I prefer the whisky’s with a peaty taste.


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  1. I’m listening to your CD as I post this, Anton. I got it a couple of days ago from CD Baby. It sounds great–engaging, melodic, and very well-played. I’ve been following your progress since the time you were looking to replace your Santa Cruz, through your posts about recording last year with Doug and Steve, to the present. I hope to hear you in person sometime. Keep up the good work. –Dave

  2. Thanks Dave, really glad you are enjoying the cd. It was alot of fun to record, and i am glad now its out. Thanks for the support.


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