Celtic Guitar Tab: Granny In the Corner

Next up is another transcription of one of my arrangements. This one is a great melodic reel called Granny In the Corner. Irish tunes sure do have funny names. I picked it up from my friend and teacher Steve Baughman during a trip to San Francisco back in May.  He started flatpicking it and I just knew it would make a good fingerstyle arrangement. It is one of those melodies that just sounds great, has a good sense of space, and lays easily on the fingerboard. Here is the audio and notation/tab

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This piece originally appeared in a recent Portland Classical Guitar Society newsletter, and i also wanted to make it available here for readers of my blog. I apologize for the PDF not having the correct title. I seem to have lost the original file I created with my Sibelius notation software, as I did not learn the title of this tune until recently.

One can play this piece pretty simply or fancy it up a bit. I play the triplets ring, middle, and index finger, and indicate them as much  with A M I, which is standard classical guitar notation. You can play them that way, or any other way you see fit. The important thing is the rhythm. I know some folks play them index, middle, and index. Tony Mcmanus uses his thumb nail for triplets on the bass strings, in a down up down motion. One option is to not play the triplets at all and just play a longer sustained note. That would work perfectly fine.   Then add them in later as your technique improves.

Pay attention to the bass note off the beat in measure six. I think its a nice unexpected variation but may trip you up the first time or two trying it. I really like how that sustained C note in measures three and seven allow you to do that C appregio into the next melody note. Its a nice technique to use when arranging pieces that have sustained melody notes.

I hope you enjoy the piece, and please do not hesitate to get in touch with questions. Happy picking.


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