Welcome to my new WordPress website

Well its been a while since I have updated this blog. Mostly I have just been busy with other things but I also have been working on moving it over to a WordPress platform over the last month.

My previous website was on Squarespace.com Its a great service, everything is entirely hosted by them and you can edit your entire web page in the browser. Its point and click, one does not have to know any html or css code. It worked out great and was super convenient, but the DIY’er in me wanted a website on my own server space, where I could mess around with the code and dig into things. Plus I have been wanting to learn more about web development and WordPress, so i figured this was a good place to start.

It was quite a process and I learned alot. I started by working through some basic CSS books to get a basic understanding of how that worked. Then I installed WordPress locally on my computer started modifying a basic theme called Toolbox. I changed the header and navigation menu around a bit, made the content area wider, and figured out how to have different sidebars display on different pages. Then I began the lengthy task of importing everything from my old blog, copying over the pictures to my local machine, and fixing all the links to reflect their new location. After everything was roughly in place I uploaded my WordPress theme and database to my new server space, fixed some settings, and surprisingly everything worked. There were a few moments of frustration and banging my head against the wall during the whole project, but all in all it went smoothly. I was lucky in that there was alot of information available online.

So my site is up but I still have alot of tweaking to do. I am far from a designer but I know some fonts and things need to be changed. I need to add more content, polish up the blog, and setup a photo gallery. So I will be slowly chipping away at that over the next few weeks.

If folks out three have any suggestions I am happy to hear them.


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