Breton tunes on the Brooks Banjo

Sometimes I will just hear a tune and know I have to try and arrange it. Such was the case this set of tunes, an unnamed Breton tune and the second, Scottish Du Stockfish. I learned them both from Bryan Owens, a Portland musician who plays a variety of music on guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, and fiddle. I initially intended to arrange them for solo guitar, but the rhythm of the music just called out for some clawhammer banjo. They fell so easily on the fingerboard and within in minutes it seems like I had a workable arrangement. That does not happen to me often but when it does it sure is nice. I ended up arranging them for guitar later on, and I like that setting as well. But they are such a blast on the banjo.

The instrument is my new Brooks Spartan I mentioned back in January.

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