Fretboard Jounal – Romero Banjos video

The wonderful folks over at the Fretboard Journal recently filmed a small documentary on Jason and Pharis Romero of Romero Banjos.

A Visit to Romero Banjos from fretboardjournal on Vimeo.

Romero Banjos are one of the top boutique banjo makers around, and many of their instruments are more like words of art, with fantastic looking carvings, binding, and inlay.

In addition Jason and Pharis are very fine musicians and have put out a few cds. I recently picked up their latest, Passing Glimpse. Its just the two of them on acoustic and national guitars, plus some banjo. The album is mostly songs along with a few instrumental numbers. The sound quality is great and the musicianship is wonderful.

As you probably guessed I am a big fan of handmade instruments, and figured some folks would enjoy this video.


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  1. Ciao Anton,
    thanks for letting me know about this video. I liked it a lot. It always good to know who’s behind the scene of handmade musical instruments.
    Your friend from Italy

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