Guitarbench Issue 2 and New Videos

Hi Folks,

Man, its been a bit since the last blog update. I apologize for that, life has been busy. I have been doing a bit of writing for some online guitar magazines, improving my home studio setup, as well as working the day job and just dealing with the regular responsibilities of life.

Issue 2 of GuitarBench magazine is out, and includes an article by me with a simple arrangement of the Irish Sea. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Fellow fingerstyle guitarist Doug Young just recently posted a brilliant arrangement of Princess Royal that is loosely based on a version of mine. I really like the moving basslines he added, as well as the intro theme.

I recently got a new video camera and have finally had time to shoot a little something. I am still getting the hang of it, but I am happy with the camera so far. Its just a cheap JVC model that cost me $200, shoots in HD, and records to an SD Card. I record the audio separately, process it in my DAW software, and then sync the two up in iMovie. Next on the list is to get a back drop cloth and experiment with better lighting. Below is the title track off my cd “Noone Lasses”

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