Guitar Lessons in Portland and Online

Hi Folks,

I have some room for additional guitar students and have added a lessons section to my website. Lessons are $40/hr and take place at my home in North Portland. Distance learning via Skype or iChat is also an option. I believe students should get enjoyment out of the material they are learning while building sound technique and good musicianship. Possible areas of study include:

  • Beginners, learning your first chords, scales, and strumming patterns
  • Learning basic fingerpicking, whether to accompany vocals or play instrumental music
  • Exploring alternate tunings like Drop D, DADGAD, or CGDGCD
  • Celtic backup, looking at tuning options, chord choices, and strumming patterns.
  • Flatpicking celtic tunes on guitar
  • Creating fingerstyle arrangements of traditional or original melodies.

Please get in touch to discuss your specific needs and schedule an initial time to chat.




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