Some concert footage

Hi folks, just a quick blog post with a few things.

I forget if I have mentioned this before, but I am really enjoying the simple timer at http://e.ggtimer.com/ for monitoring my guitar practice. Like most of us that work a day job and have other responsibilities I often do not have as much time to play as I would like.  Sometimes its just 30 or 45 min after work, and being able to see my practice time count down on the screen really helps me focus and stay on task while playing. I know you could do the same thing with an iPhone or stopwatch, but I enjoy using this little application.

I just got a bunch of footage of a concert I played last year with mandolinist Tim Connell at Newberg Music.  Thanks alot to G.D. for filming the whole thing. I put a few clips up on youtube, and will be uploading more over the next few days.

Hope you enjoy it.

Anton Emery

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  1. Hi Anton,
    love the footage of the concert and have shared it on facebook. mandolin and guitar sound so good together. I play duets with my daughter – she’s a flautist (also a good combo).
    Well done and thanks again,

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