Some new music

I recently added a new page to my website called Ensembles. I play in a few different duos around town and wanted a place to showcase music and video separte from my solo work. I’ve included the tracks and video below, and you can also access the ensemble page by hovering over the About Me link in the navigation bar.

Rich Rosencrans
Rich Rosencrans and I play traditional and original material influenced by celtic, bluegrass, and folk genres. Rich is a simply fantastic singer as well as a wonderful bouzouki player and guitarist. He writes his own original songs as well as arranging traditional ones. I alternate between guitar and flute, and occasionally clawhammer banjo. We enjoy mixing it up between songs and instrumental tunes.

Song – Willie Taylor

An arrangement of a traditional song by Rich

Flute and Bouzouki Reel of Mulnivat/Man of the House

I’m on flute and Rich is on bouzouki. My flute playing needs a bit of work but I like Rich’s driving rhythm.

Guitar and Bouzouki Slow Reels – Silver Spire/Brendan MacMahons

I am on flatpicked guitar and Rich is fingerpicking his four course bouzouki. On its own these slow reels might be kind of plain, but I really like what Rich’s bouzouki part adds to the arrangement.

Tim Connell
I met Tim Connell though jazz guitarist Eric Skye. Eric and I connected through the Acoustic Guitar Forum, and he later invited me to open for his Jazz Trio at a house concert. Tim is a part of the trio, and upon finding out we both played irish music we decided to do some tunes on mandolin and flute during the set. Tim studied irish music in Boston, starting out on the whistle and later transferring his repertoire over to mandolin. Tim is an amazing player in a variety of genres. I recently got some more video from this concert at Newberg Music, so i hope to post that soon.

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