ADK A6 for Fingerstyle Guitar

I think I finally settled on a mic placement that will work for recording in my home studio. It is my pair of ADK A6 mics in “AB” placement

ADK AB Placement

Thanks to Doug Young for the advice on this one. AB is similar to spaced pair except both mics are on a single stereo bar and at the same height. In this case they are about 15″ apart and approximately a foot from the guitar. The center of the arrangement is roughly pointing at the soundhole. Here is the recorded example.

I am still dealing with a bit of computer noise, as you can hear in the beginning and end of the track. As far as EQ and processing I did a low cut filter at 30 hz and a narrow cut at approx 200 hz where I felt a frequency was standing out. I raised the overall level of the track to bring it closer to 0 dB.

Overall I like the sound. I feel its a tad bright due to my new strings and nails that are a bit to long. I like the mic placement as its easy to keep everything in place on one stand.

Next task is to deal with the computer noise.  I might just buy a Mac Mini that will either be quieter or easier to move into the other room.

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  1. Great stuff, Anton, and very informative. I’ve got a pair of ADK A-6s and have independently arrived at much the same spacing/placement. I have a couple of very cheap and nasty boom stands, and the weight of the A-6s can be a problem when I try to shift anything, fit in a music stand or the like, so the stereo bar looks like a much better solution.

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      Yea, i was running into the same problem with the ADK’s, their weight makes them a bit harder to keep in place. I tired the regular spaced pair on two different mic stands, but I like this just as much and its more convenient having them on one stereo bar.

      These ADK’s are a great bang for the buck, especially used. I find they are warm and quieter than the Peluso CEMC6’s that I own. The latter may be more detailed, but i prefer the sound of the A6’s.

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