ADK A6 vs Neumann KM 184 – Acoustic Guitar

A very nice friend of mine recently lent me a pair of his Neumann KM 184’s to play with. These mics are popular for recording acoustic fingerstyle guitar and acoustic instruments in general. They are cardioid only, low noise, and have a relatively hot output. I decided to try and do a level match test with my ADK A6. I positioned both mics as best I could with the capsules in the same spot. I used a test tone to get close to the same levels going into my Zoom H6.  A single KM 184 goes for about $850 new. I have been seeing pairs used for around $1000 lately. The ADK A6 is $250 new.  I picked up mine for $100.

I can hear a slight difference in the recordings. But is one 8x better than the other? I would like to get a good recorded sound at home, and the allure of high end mics is tempting. But I don’t have unlimited funds, and if a cheaper mic will get me 90% of the way there that is something to take into consideration.

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