Steve Baughman – Orkney Tuning Lessons

My friend Steve Baughman has a new series of humorous Orkney tuning lessons up on youtube. Here is the first one in the series.

It walks beginners through some basic chord shapes, riffs, and ends with a beautiful arrangement of Danny Boy.

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  1. hi Steve. I am moved to leave a reply.Thank you for the gift of your knowledge and the ‘Orkney tuning’. I stumbled upon it and you while searching for an open tuning (cgcgcf) that I am pursuing. So, am now strung up in Orkney and feeling the over and undertow’s (tones) of this incredible wonder. Enjoyed the snow flake joke about the paddy melt. Snicker, snicker…got all the Orkney chords down on yellow paper. Enjoy Steve. May your sustain last as long as you can bare it…fellow string plucker and Celt about 1500 years misplaced. Always, Bruce.

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