Avery Bergstrom and Anton Emery combine the magical sound of two fingerpicked guitars, and the occasional banjo, to play the instrumental music of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and Brittany. Traditional airs, jigs, and reels combine with ancient harp tunes and Breton dances as the two musicians create a unique and beautiful listening experience for the audience.

Avery grew up in Hood River, Oregon, and now lives in Portland. He was originally attracted to acoustic guitar by Travis pickers like John Fahey, Doc Watson, Nathan Salsburg, and others. After discovering a love for the folk music of Europe, he developed a unique sound on the guitar, creating interpretive arrangements of traditional music as well as original compositions. His sound draws upon numerous influences, often combining the rhythm driven bass lines of Americana with the intricate melodies of Celtic music.

Avery and Anton met at the Portland Guitar Society and connected over their enjoyment of guitar and traditional music. They started collaborating and quickly came up with a body of material, taking advantage of two guitars to weave a spell of harmony, counterpoint, and rhythmic interplay.