O’Carolan’s Welcome

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I had the great opportunity to play a house concert outside of Seattle a few weeks ago. It was a split bill with Linda Waterfall, who has one of the most wonderful and unique guitar styles I have ever heard. Videographer Vaun Raymond setup a few cameras and captured some great footage. Here is the tune O’Carolan’s Welcome. I’ll be … Read More

New Gourd Banjo

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I picked up a new gourd banjo back in April and have been meaning to post about it. Mine is made by Bob Thornburg in Northern California. I had a chance to play Steve’s gourd banjo a while back and knew I had to have one. Mine has a 10″ gourd, a redwood neck, and a rosewood fingerboard. It has … Read More

Audio Technica 2020 vs 3035 for Acoustic Guitar

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I have been doing more mic testing and trying to find the optimal recording setup for my studio room. I think if I just rented space at a local studio I would have another album out by now… ┬áBut I enjoy the process of learning to do it myself, and being able to record and edit without having to worry … Read More

Home Recording Results

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For the past week I was fortunate to be able to borrow two pairs of nice mics from a friend. They are Neumann KM 184’s and Gefell 300M’s. Both are small diaphram condensers and go for about $1800-$2000 a pair. I have never been able to use mics of this caliber for an extended period of time in my own … Read More

ADK A6 vs Neumann KM 184 – Acoustic Guitar

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A very nice friend of mine recently lent me a pair of his Neumann KM 184’s to play with. These mics are popular for recording acoustic fingerstyle guitar and acoustic instruments in general. They are cardioid only, low noise, and have a relatively hot output. I decided to try and do a level match test with my ADK A6. I … Read More


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Well, as usual its been a while since I have updated this blog. I got some acrylic nails put on at the beginning of summer and ended up not sticking with them. They sounded great for regular fingerpicking, but i could not make them work for clawhammer banjo or guitar. My index finger nail kept hitting the string below it … Read More

New sheet music – Bobby Casey’s

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Man its been a while since i have updated this blog. Ill try to be better at that. I guess alot of times life gets busy and I feel I have nothing interesting to say about guitar playing. Since we have been snowed in here in Portland for the last few days I have had to sit down and record … Read More

Pierre Bensusan on practicing scales and right hand technique

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Guitar Player magazine recently interviewed French guitarist Pierre Bensusan and put up a number of videos. I wanted to post this one on right hand technique and practicing scales. Pierre is known for starting concerts with a total improvisation and has staggering technique, both in his left and right hands. He often keeps a melody, inner voice, and bass line … Read More