On Being a Musician…

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I came across a nice post on the Mandolin Cafe on being a musician. http://www.mandolincafe.com/forum/showthread.php?t=49831 A really good read, i encourage all you to check it out.     Anton

Suggest a tune, and i need a title for my CD…

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Hey Everyone, So the past few tunes i have notated have been selections from my own repotiore, stuff i have arranged and played for a few years.  Its pretty satisfying seeing my music come out in notation, but since i would eventualy like to sell a book to go along with my cd i can’t notate everything i have for … Read More

Guitar Arrangement – Welsh Pipe Tune

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So next up is another traditional arrangement of mine, Concept Y Pieper Coch, or Dance of the Red Pipers.  At least thats what it means according to a friend of mine.  I came across this tune on a cd called The Rough Guide to the Music of Wales.  I was going to Florida State Univ at the time and was … Read More

Mid Side Micing

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I have a running interest in home recording, though my iMac at home is not really setup to do it now.  I have a pair of KRK RP5 monitors sitting in the closet, i just need to get an interface and some mics.  I am always interested in how others record guitar, and when i was down at Doug’s recording … Read More

Steve Baughman – Celtic Guitar Solos DVD

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After meaning to for a long time, i finally picked up a copy of Steve Baughman’s Celtic Guitar Solos DVD, on Solid Air Records.   I usually dont buy a ton of guitar instructional DVD’s.  I am more into arranging my own Celtic tunes these days.  But i love Steve’s playing, and figured maybe i would steal a few techniques … Read More

Video from Mission City Gig

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While i was down in California i was fortunate to be able to play at Doug Young‘s Guitar Showcase at Mission City Coffee Roasters.  It was alot of fun, and being able to share the stage with two other players takes some of the pressure off.  It was myself, Doug, and Nate Cooper.  Luthier Tony Yamamoto was there and took … Read More

Back from the studio

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Hi Everyone, So i am back from Doug Young’s studio down in California. I had a pretty productive weekend. I managed to record eight tunes, with Doug engineering and Steve producing. Very fun stuff, though kind of tiring at times. Listening back i think everything sounds pretty good so far. I arrived at Doug’s on Thursday night, and we experimented … Read More

been sick…

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Hey Everyone, Sorry about lack of updates the past two weeks.  I was sick in bed all last week with the flu, and now i leave this thursday evening for California to start recording.  Ill report on the recording session when i get back, and then i want to get started on those series of blog posts on backing up … Read More

Pick Options

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When learning to backup celtic music i went through alot of different guitar picks trying to find what worked for me.  For the past few years i have been using a Dunlop Nylon .73mm  Its stiff enough to give a good sound, but not so much that i push the strings sharp when i am strumming.  Different players use different … Read More

Backing up Celtic music on guitar

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In the next few weeks i will be posting a series of standard dance tunes, showing how i might back up each one in the Orkney tuning, and then finally stringing them together in a set.  For folks that done use Orkney, i think the concepts will be applicaple to any tuning, you’ll just have to find your own chord … Read More