New Steve Baughman Videos

My friend and teacher Steve Baughman recently put up a few new Youtube videos, and I wanted to post them here. They are truly some beautiful arrangements, and I think the second one really showcases the great touch and tone Steve gets with his right hand. Be sure to watch the whole thing of Nearer My God to Thee. It … Read More

Anton EmeryNew Steve Baughman Videos

Fingerstyle Guitar Duets – Doug Young and Teja Gerken

My friend Doug Young, along with Teja Gerken, recently wrote a really cool article for Acoustic Guitar Magazine on fingerstyle guitar duets. They look at various ways to arrange for two guitars, and present a tasty version St Anne’s Reel for two guitars. Fingerstyle guitar duets are one of my favorite configurations. With two players who both have the ability … Read More

Anton EmeryFingerstyle Guitar Duets – Doug Young and Teja Gerken

Fingerstyle Guitar – Nail Shape

I came across this great video of classical guitarist Scott Tennant talking about nail shape. I think it applies equally as well to steel string fingerpickers. There are alot of picking hand approaches to fingerstyle guitar. Folks pick with no nail, natural nails, artificial nails, or fingerpicks and all sound great. I think it comes down to personal preference and … Read More

Anton EmeryFingerstyle Guitar – Nail Shape

Tunes in the Gorge

Here I am having a few quick tunes with my friend David McPike during a hike in the Columbia River Gorge. I am fortunate that we have some spectacular trails only half an hour outside of town. Two flutes are alot of fun and we don’t get to play together as much as I would like, so we brought our … Read More

Anton EmeryTunes in the Gorge

Musical Activities

I have been spending some time lately on other musical activities and wanted to write about them a bit here. While arranging celtic music for solo guitar will always be my main thing, it is a relatively lonely pursuit and I enjoy playing music with others too. There is just a bigger energy and sound that comes with three or … Read More

Anton EmeryMusical Activities

Flatpicking in CFCGCD Tuning

Lately I have been spending some of my practice time exploring the CFCGCD tuning. Steve Baughman uses it for a few tunes on his Celtic Guitar DVD, and John Doyle talks about it some in a recent issue of Acoustic Guitar magazine. I am amazed at how quickly some folks can pick up tunings and seem to map out the … Read More

Anton EmeryFlatpicking in CFCGCD Tuning

Guitar Lessons in Portland and Online

Hi Folks, I have some room for additional guitar students and have added a lessons section to my website. Lessons are $40/hr and take place at my home in North Portland. Distance learning via Skype or iChat is also an option. I believe students should get enjoyment out of the material they are learning while building sound technique and good … Read More

Anton EmeryGuitar Lessons in Portland and Online


I’ve been exploring the CFCGCD tuning a bit more lately. Last summer at guitar camp John Doyle was talking about how he used it, and I messed around with it some, then got distracted by something else. Then a few issues ago Acoustic Guitar Magazine featured him on the cover, and they covered the CFCGCD tuning a bit. So that … Read More

Anton EmeryCFCGCD Chords

Guitarbench Issue 2 and New Videos

Hi Folks, Man, its been a bit since the last blog update. I apologize for that, life has been busy. I have been doing a bit of writing for some online guitar magazines, improving my home studio setup, as well as working the day job and just dealing with the regular responsibilities of life. Issue 2 of GuitarBench magazine is … Read More

Anton EmeryGuitarbench Issue 2 and New Videos

Breton tunes on the Brooks Banjo

Sometimes I will just hear a tune and know I have to try and arrange it. Such was the case this set of tunes, an unnamed Breton tune and the second, Scottish Du Stockfish. I learned them both from Bryan Owens, a Portland musician who plays a variety of music on guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, and fiddle. I initially intended to … Read More

Anton EmeryBreton tunes on the Brooks Banjo