New sheet music – Bobby Casey’s

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Man its been a while since i have updated this blog. Ill try to be better at that. I guess alot of times life gets busy and I feel I have nothing interesting to say about guitar playing. Since we have been snowed in here in Portland for the last few days I have had to sit down and record … Read More

Flatpicking in CFCGCD Tuning

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Lately I have been spending some of my practice time exploring the CFCGCD tuning. Steve Baughman uses it for a few tunes on his Celtic Guitar DVD, and John Doyle talks about it some in a recent issue of Acoustic Guitar magazine. I am amazed at how quickly some folks can pick up tunings and seem to map out the … Read More

Celtic Guitar Tab: Granny In the Corner

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Next up is another transcription of one of my arrangements. This one is a great melodic reel called Granny In the Corner. Irish tunes sure do have funny names. I picked it up from my friend and teacher Steve Baughman during a trip to San Francisco back in May.  He started flatpicking it and I just knew it would make … Read More

CFCGCD tuning

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I want to talk today about a new tuning I have been playing with, and present a simple arrangement to go along with it. I am mostly known for using the Orkney tuning which is CGDGCD. I picked it up from Steve Baughman many years ago and it has been my main tuning ever since. I used it for all … Read More

New Arrangement : The Irish Sea

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I have a new Celtic Guitar Masterclass column up at  This one is a beginning celtic fingerstyleg guitar piece called the Irish Sea.  Its a simple arrangement in the Orkney tuning that will get folks started, and I hope will provide some ideas for some of their own arrangements. I hope you enjoy it, let me know if there … Read More

Tobins Jig for Guitar, Pt 2.

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Hi Folks, Sorry this blog post is a bit overdue.  Its more time consuming than i thought to notate all the parts of the arrangement, then record it, and make sure everything matches up. I found some mistakes in the Tobin’s part 1 post, sorry for that.  I had forgotten about the capo at the second fret when i notated … Read More

Tobins Jig for Guitar, Pt 1.

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Hi Folks, One of my readers suggested i post a blog topic about technique, how i work through an arrangement, getting a tune up to speed, etc.  I thought i would try to cover some of the topics in the context of working through an arrangement from start to finish.  That way folks can see where i am coming from, … Read More

Princess Royal for Guitar

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If you surf on over to there is a short article/arrangement by me on Princess Royal for guitar.  Its a classic O’Carolan tune that works well in the Orkney Tuning. Princess Royal at Check it out, and let me know what you think. Anton

Final Version of Father Kellys

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All right, so here is the full version of Father Kellys.  Sorry this took so long, i meant to do it in three consecutive weeks so folks could have stuff to build upon, but the regular responsibilities of life kept getting in the way.  I think this version is pretty straight forward.  I have added in a few grace, triplets, … Read More

Father Kelly’s Part II

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  Hi Folks, So here is part two of this Father Kelly’s arrangement.  The first version was pretty basic, I just laid the melody out on the strings and added in some bass notes when i could.  This second version improves on things a bit.  Lets take a look at the changes.. 1.  Measures 1 and 5.  I have changed … Read More