Celtic Guitar Arrangement – Father Kellys

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For the next few blog posts i want to look at arranging the traditional reel, Father Kellys.  Its a tune i play on flute, and worked it up for guitar a little while ago.  It fits well in the Orkney tuning, and hopefully some folks who are interested in arranging reels might get something out of it. When arranging traditional … Read More

Guitar Arrangement – Welsh Pipe Tune

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So next up is another traditional arrangement of mine, Concept Y Pieper Coch, or Dance of the Red Pipers.  At least thats what it means according to a friend of mine.  I came across this tune on a cd called The Rough Guide to the Music of Wales.  I was going to Florida State Univ at the time and was … Read More

O’Carolan’s Receipt for guitar

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Well, i wanted to try and post something once a week, but it may end up being more than that.  Notating these full arrangements takes a while sometimes. So here is a full arrangement of the tune O’Carolans’s Receipt.   I arranged it a few years back.  Its in G and i think it contains a few nice Orkney-isms, including some … Read More