A few new videos

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I recently pulled out the video camera and stayed up late last weekend shooting a few guitar videos. It is something I plan to do more regularly once I get setup in my own music room. Easier to leave the mics, lights, and camera setup that way. My basic setup is a cheap $200 JVC video camera, and my Peluso … Read More

House Concert Footage

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About a month ago i had the opportunity to play a house concert here in Portland, opening for Eric Skye and his jazz trio.  For those of you that don’t know what a house concert is, its basically where a person has a solo performer or small band give a concert at their house.  Sometimes they are amplified, depending on … Read More

Joseph Sobol – Fingerpicked Cittern

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Hi Everyone, Came across yet some more great videos on Youtube recently.  Here is Joseph Sobol playing a jig and reel fingerstyle on his Sobell cittern.   Great stuff, i really like the drive and lilt he gets with his playing.  I remember several years ago when i was the Swannanoa Gathering Guitar Week Joseph Sobol stopped by.  Him, Robin … Read More

Videos on Vimeo – Father Kellys

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Hi Everyone, Been working on recording a few videos to put up on Youtube and Vimeo.  I prefer Vimeo because the quality is better, but youtube is more popular.  I will just probably just end up throwing my videos on both.  I have just been recording using my Macbook as the camera and my Zoom H4 to capture the audio, … Read More