CD Review:

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Just a quick note that there is a nice review of my solo cd, Noone Lasses, over at TradConnect is a great new website bringing together celtic musicians from all over the world to chat, interact, and share music/videos. Go on over and check it out.

Price reduced on physical cd’s

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Hi Folks, Just a quick note that I have lowered the price on physical cd’s through CD Baby to $10. As far as online sales I sell alot more digital downloads than cd’s. Most of those get sold at gigs. Anton

A download only album release?

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I was pleasently suprised the other day to check my CDBaby account and find $40 worth of download purchases. Sure, it’s not a ton of dough, but for me every dollar counts. I am putting it all towards the funding of another cd. Being an independent musician playing a relatively niche style of music, I don’t exactly sell a ton … Read More

Album Art

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I have been meaning to this for a while, and finally got around to it.  Below is a link to the album art and liner notes from my cd.  I thought those of you who bought the mp3 version might want to check it out.  Or even if you did not buy a cd and want to see whats on … Read More

Review by Dave Walker

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Hi Folks, Just wanted to let people know about another recent review by musician named Dave Walker.  Dave plays guitar and regularly reviews albums by prominent fingerstyle guitarists.  I got in touch with him, sent him a disc, and he graciously agreed to check it out.  You can check out what he said here. Anton

Noone Lasses is now up CD Baby and iTunes

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>Hi Everyone I am excited to announce that my cd, Noone Lasses, is now for sale on CD Baby and iTunes. If you live in Portland and want to get a copy in person just should be an email. I am really happy with how the whole package turned out.The tunes sound great, i really like the sequencing, the artwork … Read More

CD’s have arrived!

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The Fedex truck pulled up this morning with five boxes for me, 500 copies of my new CD.  I am pretty excited, its so neat to see it in person, the artwork looks great, and i am happy with the whole package.  They should be available for mail order from in a week or two, and iTunes not long … Read More

My CD is off to the manufacturer

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Just a quick note that my cd is off to the manufacturer, Copycats Media.  I went with them on the reccomendation of Little Brother over on the Acoustic Player Magazine Forum.  He recently came out with a cd and used them for manufacturing.  I picked up a copy of the album, and the print quality and packaging looked good, plus … Read More

Some thoughts on my cd project

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Well, everything is done with my cd except for the artwork.  I have the final master ready to be sent off to the manufacturing house, liner notes are typed, and everything is in place.  I am hoping to get it all sent off after the New Year, dont wanna rush the artwork. I have been thinking about the whole process … Read More

Mastered CD proof is in my hands

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So i got the mastered proof of my cd a few days ago and have been listening to it alot, at home and in the car.  It sounds great, my overall initial inmpression is its louder, smoother, and just more professional sounding.  I am sure Cass did alot of subtle things i can’t hear.  I still need to give it … Read More