Orkney Guitar Chords

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Way back when I first started this blog I put up some basic chords in the CGDGCD (Orkney) tuning. They were created using a piece of software called Fretty Charts, which was put together by guitarist Simon Fox. I think he has since taken it down, but this software filled the simple need of quickly being able generate chord graphics … Read More

Drop D Chords for Celtic Backup

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There is a bit of discussion going on at the TradConnect forum on guitar backup, and someone asked for guitar chords in Drop D. I thought I would post some here so everyone can benefit. Despite this being “celtic fingerstyle guitar” I also like to flatpick a bit, both backing up tunes and playing melodies. Orkney tuning is nice for … Read More

Tony Mcmanus Interview

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I just wanted to give readers a heads up on this Tony Mcmanus interview.  Its conducted by British jazz guitar great Martin Taylor. Martin has a really nice site going, with lessons and alot of good information.   I hope you enjoy it.

Final Version of Father Kellys

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All right, so here is the full version of Father Kellys.  Sorry this took so long, i meant to do it in three consecutive weeks so folks could have stuff to build upon, but the regular responsibilities of life kept getting in the way.  I think this version is pretty straight forward.  I have added in a few grace, triplets, … Read More

John Doyle videos on Youtube

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John Doyle is one of my favorite celtic guitar players.  During some recent youtube surfing i came across a great series of videos of him doing a solo gig in North Carolina.  Its a side of John Doyle’s playing i dont get to see much.  I really love his high energy backup and flatpicking, but i like his singing and … Read More

Pick Options

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When learning to backup celtic music i went through alot of different guitar picks trying to find what worked for me.  For the past few years i have been using a Dunlop Nylon .73mm  Its stiff enough to give a good sound, but not so much that i push the strings sharp when i am strumming.  Different players use different … Read More

Backing up Celtic music on guitar

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In the next few weeks i will be posting a series of standard dance tunes, showing how i might back up each one in the Orkney tuning, and then finally stringing them together in a set.  For folks that done use Orkney, i think the concepts will be applicaple to any tuning, you’ll just have to find your own chord … Read More

O’Carolan’s Receipt for guitar

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Well, i wanted to try and post something once a week, but it may end up being more than that.  Notating these full arrangements takes a while sometimes. So here is a full arrangement of the tune O’Carolans’s Receipt.   I arranged it a few years back.  Its in G and i think it contains a few nice Orkney-isms, including some … Read More

Orkney chords for backup

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I’d like to start this out by posting some of the common chords i use for backing up celtic music in the Orkney Tuning.  I created these using Fretty Charts.  I’ll be getting the full version soon, so pardon the light demo version watermark on the fretboard. Without a capo Orkney tuning is CGDGCD, low to high strings.  The 6th, … Read More