New Gourd Banjo

I picked up a new gourd banjo back in April and have been meaning to post about it. Mine is made by Bob Thornburg in Northern California. I had a chance to play Steve’s gourd banjo a while back and knew I had to have one. Mine has a 10″ gourd, a redwood neck, and a rosewood fingerboard. It has …


Acrylic Nails and Acoustic Treatment

I recently got around to doing something I have been meaning to try for years and got a set of acrylic nails put on my picking hand. We were out eating a lunch and a nail salon was next door, so I decided to pop in and do it. They looked at me a little weird till I explained what …


Line Audio CM3 Mics Acoustic Guitar

As a side hobby many of us solo and instrumental guitarists often get into home recording. It is by no means easy, but with a relatively simple setup and some experimentation one can get a good recorded sound at home. Not having to worry about bass, drums, or screaming marshall stacks means all you need are some high quality mics …

Borrowing a Banjola

I am currently borrowing a banjolafrom my friend Aaron O’Rourke