Feature in Fingerstyle 360 Magazine

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Bill Piburn, formerly of the physical magazine Fingerstyle Guitar has started a new digital magazine called Fingerstyle 360  It focuses on various styles of fingerstyle guitar around the globe and includes video and audio content as well as sheet music. The great thing about this digital format is that readers can just click on an audio or video link within … Read More

Welcome to my new WordPress website

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Well its been a while since I have updated this blog. Mostly I have just been busy with other things but I also have been working on moving it over to a WordPress platform over the last month. My previous website was on Squarespace.com Its a great service, everything is entirely hosted by them and you can edit your entire … Read More

Flying with Your Guitar

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Man, another large chunk of time with no blog updates. I really need to get better than that, I seem to go in spurts.  I guess I have just been busy with life, teaching students, trying to get gigs, etc.  I have a number of arrangements that I would like to TAB out and post, plus I need to work … Read More

Guitarbench.com – what is celtic guitar?

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I have a little article over on Guitarbench.com about celtic guitar.  I try to define what celtic guitar is, as its a question i often get.  I should have another article or two going up there this month, they cover arranging celtic tunes for guitar, and feature some example pieces. Anton

Tim O’Brien – Hey Joe

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I came across this video of Tim O’Brien, Jerry Douglas, and John Doyle playing the classic song Hey Joe.   I love everything Tim O’Brien does.  He can play straight up bluegrass, writes great tunes and songs, and really seems to bring folks of different talents together to create something.  The first album of his that caught my attention was … Read More

Two tunes on the 67 Music podcast

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Hi Folks, First off I’d like to thank all the folks that have bought a cd from me in person or on CD Baby.  Thanks, the support means alot! You can hear two tracks off my cd, “Noone Lasses/MacArthur’s Road” and “Cloonagroe Reel” on the latest SixtySeven Music Podcast.  Thanks guys for including my music on your show.  And thanks … Read More

I’m in Acoustic Guitar magazine

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Or at least a picture of me is.  Check it out here. Doug Young, who is engineering my cd, recently wrote an article for Acoustic Guitar about prepearing for a studio recording session.  He was kind of enough to use a picture of me in his studio for the article, which really made my day when i saw it.  Anton

Celtic Sessions in Portland Oregon

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Perhaps one of the most enjoyable aspects about playing celtic music is going to a good session and playing till the wee hours of the morning.  Celtic sessions are where a group of musicians get together in a pub or someone’s house to play.  Much like jazz or bluegrass there is a large body of standard tunes, (numbering in the … Read More

Perfect Pitch

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A few weeks ago my wife and i went to some friends’ house for dinner, and i brought my guitar.  Our friends have a few kids, and the oldest one is quite the piano player.  They have wanting to hear me play of my celtic guitar music, so i played a few of the things i have been working on.  … Read More

Martin Simpson Concert on Youtube

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I recently came across a great series of videos on Youtube of Martin Simpson in concert at the Museaum of Making Music.  Here is the link to the full series.  Martin Simpson Concert I really love Martin Simpson’s music.  In the world of acoustic driven folk he is at the top of my list.   Anton