Tracks Finished

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Well i am back from the studio, got the last four tracks for my cd recorded.  Yay!  Next Doug is going to mix then, and mastering will take place up here in Portland.  I am happy with the basic recordings, and am looking forward to the final product.  Since i have been playing those same tunes for a while i … Read More

Back in the Studio

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I am back in Doug’s studio to finish recording the last few tracks for the cd.  We experimented with some different mixing options and i am looking forward to how it sounds at the end.  I am aiming to have the cd out by the end of year ideally.   Anton

Next Studio Trip

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Hi Folks, So it looks like i am scheduled to go back into Doug Young’s studio at the end of Sept.  We’ll be finishing up the rest of the tracks for my cd, and might shoot some higher quality video for Youtube.  I am looking forward to be working with him and Steve again.  At this point it looks like … Read More

Mid Side Micing

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I have a running interest in home recording, though my iMac at home is not really setup to do it now.  I have a pair of KRK RP5 monitors sitting in the closet, i just need to get an interface and some mics.  I am always interested in how others record guitar, and when i was down at Doug’s recording … Read More

Back from the studio

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Hi Everyone, So i am back from Doug Young’s studio down in California. I had a pretty productive weekend. I managed to record eight tunes, with Doug engineering and Steve producing. Very fun stuff, though kind of tiring at times. Listening back i think everything sounds pretty good so far. I arrived at Doug’s on Thursday night, and we experimented … Read More

Off to the recording studio soon

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I am sitting here listening to Martin Simpson play clawhammer ukulele on his Righteousness & Humidity album.  Its great, makes me want to get a uke and play clawhammer on it.  Though maybe i should get a banjo instead…. So i am off in two weeks to start recording my solo cd.  Its something i have wanted to do for … Read More