Some new music

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I recently added a new page to my website called Ensembles. I play in a few different duos around town and wanted a place to showcase music and video separte from my solo work. I’ve included the tracks and video below, and you can also access the ensemble page by hovering over the About Me link in the navigation bar. … Read More

Licensing Acoustic Music

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When my cd first came out I submitted it to various music licensing services. These are agencies that will make your music available to companies that might want to use it for TV, Film, Radio, Videogames, etc. The service is usually free, and in return they take a cut of the licensing fee. Companies like this include Pump Audio, Rumblefish, … Read More

Duo irish flutes

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My friend William Bajzek visited this weekend, and we recorded this quick clip of some duo flute playing. Its a nice little tune called the Mills are Grinding. Mills are grinding by AntonEmery Though I mostly focus on guitar, I also play the irish flute on a more casual level, with friends and at sessions around Portland. I first met … Read More

Playing in public

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Since releasing my cd I have been working on getting out more and gigging.  The past year or two I let it slide, i was busy working on the cd and I guess just was not really feeling motivated.  But now I actually need to sell some discs, and the best way to do that is at live shows.  So … Read More

Lord Mayo – Clawhammer Guitar

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So I finally got around to recording that version of Lord Mayo for clawhammer guitar mentioned a while back.  Sorry for the delay.  I had to order a Third Hand Capo to make it work.  The Third Hand Capo is pretty cool, it lets you capo only individual strings while leaving others open. In my case i wanted to tune … Read More

Some thoughts on my cd project

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Well, everything is done with my cd except for the artwork.  I have the final master ready to be sent off to the manufacturing house, liner notes are typed, and everything is in place.  I am hoping to get it all sent off after the New Year, dont wanna rush the artwork. I have been thinking about the whole process … Read More

Banjola, Coffee, and Eric Skye

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Hi Everyone, Sorry no blog posts lately.  I have been busy running around trying to figure out things for the album, plus just trying to practice more and play more music.  I guess i also feel like i have not had much to say in the way of music or celtic guitar lately.  If folks out there have questions about … Read More

Something a little different..

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While i mostly blog about various aspects of aoustic guitar and traditional music here, i enjoy listening to alot of different types of music.  Rock, blues, jazz, bluegrass, newgrass, and electronic, just to name a few.  Cass Anawaty, who is mastering my album, just finished up an album with Paul Russell called Monjour.  How to describe it.  Its a world … Read More

Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh on hardanger fiddle

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I came across this clip of Caoimhin O Raghallaigh on hardanger fiddle.  Its a norwegian instrument that has sympathetic strings running through the neck, i believe.  Absolutely beautiful, i love this guy’s music.  He is well known for the cd Kitty Lie Over with Mick O’Brien.  I just listen and hope one day i can reach this level of musical … Read More