Feature in Fingerstyle 360 Magazine

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Bill Piburn, formerly of the physical magazine Fingerstyle Guitar has started a new digital magazine called Fingerstyle 360  It focuses on various styles of fingerstyle guitar around the globe and includes video and audio content as well as sheet music. The great thing about this digital format is that readers can just click on an audio or video link within … Read More

New Steve Baughman Videos

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My friend and teacher Steve Baughman recently put up a few new Youtube videos, and I wanted to post them here. They are truly some beautiful arrangements, and I think the second one really showcases the great touch and tone Steve gets with his right hand. Be sure to watch the whole thing of Nearer My God to Thee. It … Read More

Fingerstyle Guitar Duets – Doug Young and Teja Gerken

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My friend Doug Young, along with Teja Gerken, recently wrote a really cool article for Acoustic Guitar Magazine on fingerstyle guitar duets. They look at various ways to arrange for two guitars, and present a tasty version St Anne’s Reel for two guitars. Fingerstyle guitar duets are one of my favorite configurations. With two players who both have the ability … Read More

Orkney Guitar Chords

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Way back when I first started this blog I put up some basic chords in the CGDGCD (Orkney) tuning. They were created using a piece of software called Fretty Charts, which was put together by guitarist Simon Fox. I think he has since taken it down, but this software filled the simple need of quickly being able generate chord graphics … Read More

Steve Baughman: Clawhammer Guitar

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My friend and mentor Steve Baughnan just released two new clawhammer guitar videos up on youtube. They were filmed at Doug Young’s studio and showcase Steve’s tune “Wasilla Weed” as well as give a basic primer on the clawhammer technique. Steve has a new DVD out at CDBaby called the Power of Claw. So what is clawhammer guitar? In a … Read More

O’Carolan’s Receipt for guitar

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Well, i wanted to try and post something once a week, but it may end up being more than that.  Notating these full arrangements takes a while sometimes. So here is a full arrangement of the tune O’Carolans’s Receipt.   I arranged it a few years back.  Its in G and i think it contains a few nice Orkney-isms, including some … Read More

Orkney Chords and Scales

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Next up we have some simple scales annd chords in the Orkney tuning (CGDGCD)  No capo for these.  I have laid out some scales in the keys of G, C, and D.  I tried to include a few different version of each scale.  Some are linear, utilizing consecutive notes on the same string.  Others incorporate harp style technique, playing consecutive … Read More