Orkney chords for backup

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I’d like to start this out by posting some of the common chords i use for backing up celtic music in the Orkney Tuning.  I created these using Fretty Charts.  I’ll be getting the full version soon, so pardon the light demo version watermark on the fretboard. Without a capo Orkney tuning is CGDGCD, low to high strings.  The 6th, … Read More

Orkney Tuning Resources

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One of things i would like to do with this blog is put up some resources on the Orkney tuning.  It is CGDGCD.  I think its great for arranging celtic music, and there is not a ton of instruction material out on it like there is DADGAD.  I had some basic scales and chords up, but i deleted those posts.  … Read More