Pierre Bensusan on practicing scales and right hand technique

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Guitar Player magazine recently interviewed French guitarist Pierre Bensusan and put up a number of videos. I wanted to post this one on right hand technique and practicing scales. Pierre is known for starting concerts with a total improvisation and has staggering technique, both in his left and right hands. He often keeps a melody, inner voice, and bass line … Read More

Fingerstyle Guitar – Nail Shape

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I came across this great video of classical guitarist Scott Tennant talking about nail shape. I think it applies equally as well to steel string fingerpickers. There are alot of picking hand approaches to fingerstyle guitar. Folks pick with no nail, natural nails, artificial nails, or fingerpicks and all sound great. I think it comes down to personal preference and … Read More

Right Hand Technique

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Continuing on with the Steve Baughman theme, I wanted to post about these two new videos of his on Youtube. The first is an old time fiddle tune that Steve has rendered on guitar, which according to him is in Double Drop D tuning, or DADGBD. He plays it in the clawhammer style, which is exactly the same technique that … Read More

Book – The Natural Classical Guitar

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I picked up a new book this weekend, The Natural Classical Guitar, by Lee F Ryan.  Its a great book, and looks pretty deeply into the both the mental and physical aspects of playing guitar.  Most of the material is applicable to any guitarist or musician, though alot of the right hand stuff will be of more use to classical … Read More

Guitar Playing Position

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Over the past few weeks i have been changing up my position when playing solo guitar. Usually i play in the more common position, guitar on the right knee, pretty parallel to the ground. With this position my picking hand seems to fall naturally to that space between the soundhole and the bridge. Not overly bad, and to me my … Read More

Right hand techniques for fingerstyle guitar

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My friend William Bajzek is always sending me various Youtube clips of musicians that catch his eye.  William has great tone and technique, so i always try to pay attention to what he has to say.  He sent me this video the other day, and i was amazed at this insane flamenco player.  I knew flamenco guys could play fast, … Read More