Steve Baughman – Clawhammer Banjo DVD

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My friend Steve Baughman recently released a new DVD entitled Zen Banjo, Music and Mindfulness. It is a clawhammer banjo instructional DVD aimed at beginners with plenty of material for more advanced folks as well. Steve walks the viewer through all the techniques needed for clawhammer banjo like the bum ditty, drop thumbing, and double thumbing. Throughout the DVD Steve … Read More

Anton Emery and Tim Connell

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I had a really nice gig this past weekend with a new duo partner, Tim Connell. We played out at Newberg Music Center, about 45 minutes Southwest of Portland. The owner, GD, is really supportive of the local music scene and has a final friday concert series at the end of every month. Its alot of fun to play in … Read More

Staying Motivated on Guitar

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I think anyone involved with a long term activity, be it music, art, sport, or writing, eventually encounters periods of unmotivation and boredom. I think its only natural for something that you pursue for years at a time. I know I have certainly run into over the years of playing the guitar. There are times when what you are playing … Read More

Music and Movement

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Amazing athlete and coach Ido Portal recently used my arrangement of Childs Grove in one of his Youtube videos.   I was fortunate to take a number of workshops from Ido recently, focusing on bodyweight strength, movement, and balance. Besides music my other main hobbies are Brazillian Juijitsu(BJJ), and alongside that, strength and conditioning training. I believe a healthy body … Read More

Mics for recording acoustic guitar

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Having had my Presonus Mobile for a few weeks now I am quite happy with it.  It doesnt take up much space on my desk, and the inputs are in front so its easy to connect up some cables and start laying down tracks.  The two preamps are quiet, and provide plenty of gain.  Ninety precent of the time I … Read More

A guitar for Celtic Music

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Luthier Fabrizio Alberico, who built my guitar, talks about what makes a guitar for well for celtic music. article.  Thanks for the insight Fab. Anton

Another nice review

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Just quick note that my cd was recently reviewed in the Minor 7th Acoustic Music Reviews website.  Its in the May/June “Short Takes” section.  CD Review I am glad folks are enjoying the music. Anton

Album Art

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Just a quick preview of the album art done by my buddy Mike Losier. I just gave him the title of the album and full artistic license to run with it.  He has done an outsounding job with the whole package, including the layout of the liner notes and other graphics. I am very happy with how my recorded sound … Read More

Harvey Reid – Advice for Musicians Making a Recording

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I came across this article by folk musician Harvey Reid during some recreational internet surfing today. Advice for Musicians Making a Recording As someone who has made a living essentially playing folk and “unpopular” music, I am inclined to listen to what he has to say.  Its interesting reading this stuff now that i have just finished making a recording. … Read More

High Five Guitar

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Well unfortunately i didnt get a chance to record the banjola before i had to give it back to my friend.  Bummer, i really wanted to, i have a cool clawhammer version of Lord Mayo that sounds really neat.  So i will do the next best thing, and high five my guitar to record it. Its just a term Steve … Read More