I am lucky to own a few nice instruments. Many call this the second golden age of guitar building, and I agree. There are so many fine guitars and instruments in general being made these days. From large manufacturers like Martin and Taylor to small one man shops making a dozen instruments a year there is something out there for everyone.

My guitar and banjo are both built by Fabrizio Alberico of Victoria, B.C.  Fab runs a one man shop building just a handful of instruments every year.

My guitar is a 2009  Sitka Spruce/Indian Rosewood OM. I have owned many guitars over the years and this must be the one because I am not tempted by many other instruments. His OM model is slightly deeper than standard, and is simply appointed with cocobolo bindings and headplate. I use medium gauge Diadarrio strings


My banjo is also built by Fabrizio Alberico, his banjos are built under the name of the Ashoka Banjo Company. I got it in the fall of 2016 and it is just a wonderful instrument. The rim and neck are maple, with cocobolo accents. It has a great warm sound and really like the shape of the neck, it is flat in the back with no V profile. Fab uses larger guitar frets which to me makes it really comfortable to play, and Gotoh tuners means it stays in tune. (At least well enough for a banjo)  🙂  This is only Fab’s fifth or sixth banjo, but I knew I had to have one when I played the first few. 

My flute is made by Gilles LeHart of Brittany, France.  Its a 6 key in Blackwood, and is a wonderful instrument, for a very reasonable price.